• “The M-Space Companion is a great addition to any M-Space campaign. A must have, really, even if just for the robot rules"



    Create Your Own Future

    M-SPACE has all the tools you need to play adventures among the stars. Your characters will visit new worlds, meet strange aliens and design their own starships.

    Rated five stars on RPG.net

    Tell Stories You Have

    Never Heard Before

    Delve into the mysteries of The Soot, a plague driving humans and aliens into madness. A complete game based on M-SPACE, set in an alternate 1920s.

    Explore Unknown Space 

    Elevation is a proud organisation of brave explorers, seeking new worlds and alien species.


    An original setting for M-SPACE, featuring new worlds, alien species, organisations and a four-part campaign.

    Find an Ancient

    Stranded Starship

    A long lost starship must be found before the Qioria planet is destroyed. But who are the mysterious Weavers? And why is The Constellate also interested in the shipwreck?

    Recommended by Fenix RPG Magazine.

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  • I'm very happy to announce that M-SPACE got a very positive review on RPG.net a few days ago! Written by Joakim Waern, it says (among other things): "In just 200 pages, there are rules for the creation of characters, creatures, worlds, vehicles, spaceships, organizations and ideologies, and...
    Runeblogger has read the Companion and shares his thoughts on it: “The M-Space Companion is a great addition to any M-Space campaign. A must have, really, even if just for the robot rules. It provides more tools for games masters to adapt to their campaigns and still manages to keep things...
    M-SPACE Companion has finally been released! The new rules expand M-SPACE’s capabilities greatly. And it’s my best looking book so far. I have teamed up with Scott Crowder to move M-SPACE into an even wider range of science fiction storytelling. This is what you get:Rules for modular robots...
    Anders Blixt wrote some of the most beloved RPG books during the 1980s when BRP ruled Sweden. In many ways, he is the elder statesman of Swedish roleplaying. I reached out to talk to him about Traveller, translating Call of Cthulhu and his first BRP game in English. The first I read of your...
    On his RPG blog, Shawn Medero now shares a method for converting planet data from Traveller to M-SPACE. And the process is quite straightforward. Anyone who has flipped through Traveller in the past 20+ years have seen the Universal World Profile codes (like C77A9A9-6) scattered through the text....
    Most people probably associate RPGs with violence rather than compassion. Here, RPG writer Alex Greene takes a look at how empathy can be used as a game mechanic in Odd Soot. Odd Soot is a unique setting and environment which provides opportunities for a different kind of roleplay, one based on...
    EN World just published a favourable review of Elevation! 'Elevation is a well written and concise RPG with art, rules, and maps that provide concrete direction and detail. The setting is unique, the stakes are high, and the challenges are tough. Elevation is worth getting even if you don’t...
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    M–SPACE Preview. Before you buy, get a preview of the game in this 30 page PDF.


    REFLUX Preview. A 10 page excerpt from the REFLUX scenario in PDF.


    Odd Soot Preview. Check out this free preview of our new release Odd Soot. 28 pages, PDF.


    Odd Soot Character Sheets. Two character sheets – with and without Hit Locations – and a Relationship Map template.

    6 pages, PDF.


    Character Sheets for M-SPACE. All sheets needed for play, complied into one PDF: Character Sheet (regular & simplified), Starship (regular & NPC), Worlds, Subsector Hex Map, Circle, Alien (universals & lifeform) and Vehicle. 12 pages.


    Alt Starship Sheet. A newly developed starship sheet, with Hit Locations, Armor, Shields & Hit Points collected in the list of Modules. 1 page PDF.


    Alt Character Sheet. Fillable PDF forms by Heath Delashmit.


    Character Sheet, no skills. A sheet for those who want to fill in their own skill lists. 4 page PDF.


    Starship Combat Example. A detailed example of how starship combat works, with both rule mechanics and narrative. Written by Colin Brett. 10 pages.


    Starship Design Walkthrough. A step by step description on how to design a medium sized starship. Choosing Modules, calculating Speed & Handling, and setting up hit locations are covered. 4 pages.


    Near-Human Alien Appearance. Many aliens in pop culture are very similar to humans, differing only in colour, the shape of the ears etcetera. This PDF presents tables to randomise the creation of such aliens.

    Written by Jargogle Bamboozle. 2 pages.


    The 3 Best Shortcuts When You Create Aliens. An article from Fenix RPG magazine on how to make alien creation easier and more fun. PDF, 2 pages.


    6 Pre-Generated Characters. Ready-to-use characters for use in REFLUX or other M-SPACE scenarios. Portraits by pheidel included. PDF, 15 pages.


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