• d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future

  • M–SPACE: Everything You Need to Play Sci-Fi Scenarios and Campaigns

    Based on the Mythras ruleset, it is compatible with most d100 games


    Design your own starships with a simple modular system, from shuttles to star destroyers


    Starship combat is quick, fun & deadly. Mythras combat rewired for starships



    With a few dice rolls you will create weird and believable aliens.


    Or go deeper and develop an entire biosphere of plants & creatures



    Discover strange & wonderful worlds. Create fantastic cultures for the characters to interact with


    Bring the mystery back to roleplaying



    Quick to learn d100-based rules based on Mythras Imperative : : Rich character generation with cultural backgrounds for sci-fi settings : : Find out how passions influence characters' lives : : Rules for creating & running organisations : : Extended skill contests that can be used for all types of conflicts : : Combat that rewards creativity – in simplified or classic flavor – based on the full Mythras rules



    Introducing The Weaver Setting


    The Constellate never fell. It faded.


    The year is Y3260. The Ocath subsector is free, after many years under The Constellate’s brutal rule.


    Free, but in turmoil.


    This scenario for M-SPACE introduces The Weaver setting, telling an epic story about a dying empire, collapsing under a baroque cornucopia of empty gestures and brutality.


    A starship fleeing from The Constellate’s armed forces disappeared 170 years ago. Now the characters must go to the Qioria system to search for it. But time is short.


    Their only hope seems to emanate from the long forgotten teachings of the Weavers.


    Scenario with investigative elements, social conflicts, puzzles and action : : Challenges use the rules for Extended Conflicts at focus points in the story to increase tension without violence : : Background on The Weaver setting, describing the major forces : : Several alien species and their cultures : : Stats and deckplans for a PC starship : : Map of the Ocath subsector : : Planetary maps of Anobe and Qioria : : Town maps of Anobe City and Yllm : : Location layouts: Cantina, Security Forces HQ and the Bone Caves : : New rules on communications, FTL travel and three new careers : : New equipment : : Organisation stats : : Suggestions for how to vary the level of the scenario


    The main rulebook for M-SPACE is required to get the most out of this book, but the scenario is useful with any BRP-based game.

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  • A Gift From Shamash

    Scenario compatible with M–SPACE

    Written by Pete Nash

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