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Valerian, Laureline & M-SPACE

I have been a big fan of the French comic Valerian & Laureline for many years. The combination of clever storylines, gorgeous drawings, fascinating locations and bizarre aliens puts it among the best sci-fi comics ever created. When the movie by Luc Besson was announced last year I was thrilled. Not only is the comic an impressive piece of sci-fi, but Luc Besson is probably the perfect director. The Fifth Element, Besson’s 1997 mega-hit, was in many ways influenced by Valerian & Laureline.

As you can understand, I was very happy when M-SPACE player Tristen Vey told me he had recreated Valerian’s spaceship – Astroship xb982 – for M-SPACE. Additionally, he had drawn a simple deckplan for the ship. Not a trivial feat if you consider the scarce and contradictory views of the interior the comic books offer.

Tristen has kindly allowed me to post the stats here. If you plan on running scenarios inspired by Valerian, complement with a look at, containing detailed descriptions of the setting and main characters:

Astroship xb982



SIZE 127

Bridge 24

Crew 7

Multi-Purpose 7

Sickbay/Lab 12

Cargo Bay 14

Vehicle Bay 29

Engines 15 (TR120)

Maneuver 15 (TR120)

Hyperspace 3 (Tiny – no Modules added)

Weapons 1

Sum: 124

Armour: 5

Weapons: Disintegrator (Damage 2d6, Range 40)

Stealth: 95% (all senses and sensors. Very power consuming; used mainly when stationary)

Apps: Navigation +30%, Sensors +30%

Streamlined: Yes

Stunts: Time travel (Preparation time for a safe jump: 1d6 hours. For successive unprepared jumps, roll Endurance to stay conscious – one Level of Difficulty harder for each jump). Hyper-Advanced Lab (add +30% to any science skill rolls the character is trained in)

Notes: Sickbay contains an Autodoc (1 Module) and advanced medical and genetic research equipment (+30% on Science (Genetics) and Medicine).

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