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    'Oh, shit. Haven't read it from A to Z, but I think I'm in love. Looks really neat!' Nils Hintze (Tales From The Loop)


    'A very original setting, plenty of detail and mystery. Brilliant.' Cronista (Mundos Inconclusos Blog)


    ‘The world of Odd Soot is the sinister offspring of HG Wells and HP Lovecraft.' Joseph R


  • Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

    Tell Stories You Have Never Heard Before

    Travel To the Stars

    In the alternate 1920s of Odd Soot humanity has travelled to the stars. Massive star liners cross the voids, with technology from a species long gone. Explorers, colonists, agitators, investigators – all seek new worlds and new knowledge.

    A Plague Threatening All Species

    But a plague called The Soot spreads after lying dormant for 200 years. It slowly drives humans and aliens insane. The player characters must stop it and risk becoming infected. But an even greater threat comes from those already infected. They wreak havoc around them using magic and uncanny contraptions.

    odd soot, roleplaying game, mythras, alien, sci-fi, m-space

    Strange Aliens

    Humanity has encountered five intelligent lifeforms:


    • Aygaan: Giant magic users with asymmetrical bodies
    • Eldirerrr: Feared scientists lacking empathy
    • Nuveri (left): Paper-like neurotics
    • Sumsum: Serving all, seeing all
    • Crisg’tu: Ruthless killers

    Watching over them all – the Luminarians that fled the Plague in the 18th century.


    See more of the aliens here.

    Difference Engines

    The invention of difference engines propelled mankind to the stars. Now, The Philosophy Engine is the most powerful difference engine in the world. And it has a knack for predicting the future. But why has it been wrong lately?

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