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Convert Traveller Planets to M-SPACE

Crack the UWP code

On his RPG blog, Shawn Medero now shares a method for converting planet data from Traveller to M-SPACE. And the process is quite straightforward. Anyone who has flipped through Traveller in the past 20+ years have seen the Universal World Profile codes (like C77A9A9-6) scattered through the text. Very convenient when you know the game, hopeless for everyone else. With Shawn’s guide, UWP codes are easy to crack.

You can use it to take Traveller (or Cepheus Engine) scenarios to M-SPACE. Or apply it to the output of the excellent Sector app - the amazing little app that produces entire sectors at the push of a button, with all planetary data set up for you.

Shawn’s blog post is here:

Also, make sure you check out Shawn’s solo play example. It’s an entertaining read where he shows his techniques for playing M-SPACE without a Game Master:

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