• Expand Your M-SPACE Campaign

    New Release Takes Your Stories Even Further

  • New Rules for Robots, Cybernetics,

    Computers and Character Backgrounds


    Robots and cybernetics blur the line between man and machine. Create powerful heroes and invincible villains with new modular rules.



    With more than 40 background tables it’s easy to create character backgrounds. Over 480 unique Life Event combinations are possible.



    Q Tech implants take cybernetics to the next level. Tech or magic? You decide. These powerful implants bring new Career advancements to M-SPACE.

  • 13 Organisations for Robots and Cyborgs

    Can a robot be murdered?


    The detectives in the Daneel Bureau believes so. Join their interplanetary investigations of disassembled robots and deactivated androids, to pin down the perpetrators.


    Or follow the Bunsen Burners as they unravel the virtual traces left by a corrupt elite. Their investigative journalistic work will get you into more danger than you ever wanted.

    In the digital age, information kills.


    Circles of Steel presents 13 new organisations for cyborgs and robots. Tailored for use with M-SPACE Companion and easy to drop into any campaign. Use them as patrons or enemies of the player characters, and embolden NPC’s with new agendas.


    Written by Alex Greene.


    28 pages, PDF and Print


  • Free Companion Addendum

    The Companion Addendum contains seven more Life Event tables – to use with the Origins chapter – and six pre-generated player characters.


    The pre-generated characters come with backgrounds and portraits, and can be used with Escape on Mosek Uhn included in M-SPACE Companion, or any other scenario.


    Written by Scott Crowder.


    24 pages, PDF

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