• Setting and Campaign for M-SPACE

    'The setting is unique, the stakes are high, and the challenges are tough.

    Elevation is worth getting even if you don’t play M-Space for the clever ideas that will spark a GM’s imagination.’

    Charles Dunwoody, EN World Review

  • Explore Unknown Space

    in this Extensive Campaign



    Marcus Earther founded Elevation to protect new, undiscovered worlds from greed and slavery. His goal was to locate alien species that were ripe to join the interstellar community.




    But competition from greedy corporations, pirates, aggressive aliens and convoluted bureacracy is literally deadly. Elevation is in desperate need of new heroic recruits.




    Elevation is a new setting and campaign for M-SPACE. It contains setting background, three linked scenarios, detailed aliens, new worlds and locations.

    And much more.

  • Free Introductory Scenario

    A brilliant scientist is murdered on Farsight Station. As the player characters investigate, nothing is quite what it seems.


    Then, the real trouble begins.



    The Triton Incident is a free introductory scenario for Elevation. It can be played without the main campaign book and is compatible with most d100 systems.


    36 pages, PDF and print


  • Free Player's Kit

    Field Operations Training Manual is a free player's kit for Elevation.

    The PDF contains:


    • A short introduction to the setting

    • Deckplans and stats for Starseeker, a PC ship

    • Player map of Farsight Station, Elevation's headquarters

    • Six ready-to-play characters, both human and alien


    24 pages, PDF

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