• Stranded on a Starship Junkyard

    "The exploration, the sandbox approach, the fight against the environment, the ample roleplaying opportunities and the modular nature of this scenario all contribute to creating an interesting little gem."  Runeblog review

  • Explore a Maze of Starship Wreckage 

    on a Hostile World

    The PCs are stranded on a planetoid made up of starship wrecks. Their only hope is to get their state-of-the-art hyperspace engine functional again. Luckily, with so many crashed starships strewn about, the fuel might literally be lying around. If they can only locate it.

    Encounter Strange Aliens and 

    Desperate Humans

    A singularity at the core of the planetoid has pulled in starships ever since an ancient war played out in the area. Since then, humans and aliens - captured by the gravity well - have struggled to survive in the harsh environment, hoping to find a way to leave. Can the PCs beat the impossible odds?

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