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First Scenario for M–SPACE

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The Design Mechanism has released a scenario for Mythras Imperative called A Gift From Shamash. Written by Pete Nash, it's the first scenario to be compatible with M–SPACE. This is hard sci-fi at its finest: creepy and requires quick thinking from the players. Warmly recommended!

"On the edge of the solar system, among the far-flung debris of the Kuiper Belt, the UNCC Nergal is sent to intercept the DVC Fukunusubi, a reclamation vessel that has stopped responding to communications and is on a collision trajectory with Earth. The crew of the Nergal have less than 90 hours to change the Fukunusubi’s course while, at the same time, discovering the nature of the catastrophe the ship has suffered.

No one prepared them for this. No one prepared them for a gift from Shamash. And no one can save them.

A Gift From Shamash is a complete scenario for Mythras Imperative and Mythras. Compatible with supplements such as Luther Arkwright and M-Space, the adventure includes background history, deckplans, campaign expansion guidance and marine creation notes for the United Nations Solar Navy marine characters. The scenario also includes 15 pregenerated marines and navy personnel for immediate play."

42 pages
PDF & POD (Lulu)
$3.99 - PDF ( - and choose the Supplements catalogue)
$8.99 - POD ( ... 41699.html)


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