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New M-SPACE Article in Fenix

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There's an article about M-SPACE in the latest issue of Fenix, Sweden's biggest RPG magazine. It's about alien creation, presenting some of the best shortcuts I've found while working on M-SPACE. Coming up with interesting and plausible aliens can be hard work, but with some of the tricks in this article you can get there a bit faster. I may be allowed to provide a PDF version here in a few weeks.

There's also a M-SPACE review by Honorary Doctor (!) Åsa Roos, who gives the game a solid 15 out of 20. I will come back with a few quotes in a couple of days.

For English readers, there's also a Mythras scenario by Pete Nash (The Hunt for Red December) and one for Call of Cthulhu by Graeme Davis (Spirit of the Mountain). Very good stuff from two classic RPG writers.

For those of you reading Swedish, Fenix can be bought here:

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