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New Year, New Scenario: REFLUX

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With 2017 approaching fast, I just want to share a teaser for our next M-SPACE title…

The Constellate never fell. It faded.

The year is Y3260. The Ocath subsector is free, after many years under The Constellate’s brutal rule.

Free, but in turmoil.

REFLUX is a scenario for M-SPACE to be released early next year. It introduces The Weaver setting, telling an epic story about a dying empire called The Constellate.

The mission revolves around a starship fleeing from the The Constellate's armed forces, disappearing 170 years ago, and now the characters must go to the world Qioria to search for it. But time is short. The planet is on a slow but deliberate course for destruction from aggressive extraction of omeril gas, and the hell holes of ignited subterranean gas grow every day.

Their only hope seems to emanate from the long forgotten teachings of The Weavers.

I would also like to thank everyone for the amazing support since M-SPACE was released. It has been very inspiring to get such positive feedback from all of you, and there are several new books in the works, with REFLUX being the first follow-up release.

I wish all of you a creative 2017, with lots of opportunities for storytelling.

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