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M-SPACE Solo Gaming

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UbiquitiousRat has written a flurry of blog posts on how to utilise Mythras Imperative and M-SPACE in solo gaming. The first posts detail the Serene Dawn setting (with the interesting combination of hard sci-fi and magic, among other things) and M-SPACE character generation. In the fourth post, the starting mission is described. Landing a starship on an asteroid can be so much more problematic than it seems.

It’s a very enjoyable read. And it highlights what several of the solo gaming plugins excel at: turning almost any situation into a fully-fledged scenario and hours of RPG goodness. With a minimum of preparations.

The actual system he’s using to generate the scenario's twists and turns are not described in the above blog posts, but check his earlier posts for an in-depth look at some of the options available.

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