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Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

Odd Soot is Finally Live!

I’m so happy to finally make Odd Soot available to everyone. This is the best game I’ve written and I really want you to be able to play it.

This is what the early reviewers say:

'The most innovative SF I've seen.’ Alex Greene, RPG writer

'Oh, shit. Haven't read it from A to Z, but I think I'm in love. Looks really neat!’ Nils Hintze, Tales From The Loop

'This looks excellent […]; it creates a good mood, and there's a real sense of the setting, just from scanning through the rules. Looking forward to seeing this go live.' Lawrence Whitaker, The Design Mechanism

The book comes in two versions: Colour Print and PDF. It’s 270 pages of rules, setting, bestiary, scenario and GM's guidelines. The printed book is $31.95 while the PDF is $14.95.

And as always, you get the PDF for free when you purchase the print version.

You can get both from DriveThruRPG:

What’s in the Book?

Odd Soot is 270 pages, a perfect bound softcover with 20+ images in colour. The book measures 8.5”x8.5”.

The content includes:

  • Character generation that integrates Circles and Relationship Maps, creating deep PCs.
  • Alternate speed-creation of PCs. 
  • Details on how The Soot affects PCs and NPCs with two connected mechanics; a Soot value and Peculiarities. 
  • Extended Conflicts have been expanded to cover magic, difference engines and the handling of unknown technology.
  • The setting describes the five intelligent alien species in detail, with behaviours, quirks and motivations.
  • The fictional island of Doggerland and its capital Glimminge, starting points for the game, are portrayed in-depth. 
  • The exo-planet Sisymbrium, housing The Sinking City and The Dream Library, is covered. 
  • Exo-planet Vera Colony, gets a thorough description. 
  • The major powers, like Skreeder Shamans, The Priests of Wittenberg and The Philosophy Engine are defined, their goals and methods explained. 
  • Weird technology, both by aliens and the Soot-infected, is presented.
  • Details on life in the alternate 1920s, including star liner travel and equipment, are included. 
  • An introduction scenario - The Wayward Patient - set in Doggerland.
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