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Odd Soot Review by Runeblogger

Runeblog is a well-established blog in the BRP community, covering most aspects of roleplaying. Now, he has written a thorough review of Odd Soot. Here are a couple of quotes:

'[The Soot is] a strange disease of unknown origin that slowly turns its victims to madness and manifests as growing dark mouldy spots on the skin. And it is spreading all over space. However, no one knows how to stop it and what's worse: no one is alarmed by it yet. Only the player characters see the big threat it represents. So adventures typically revolve around the player characters gathering information about it, researching ways to cure it and fighting those already strongly affected by it. And a big part of the drama is: they are also carrying the disease! Can you think of a better motivation to turn adventurous?'

'Above all, I like how original the setting is. Moreover, the background is presented in a way that sparks multiple ideas for campaigns, while at the same time leaving a plethora of unsolved mysteries for the GM and the players to explore.'

Read the rest of the review here:

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